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"I really enjoyed following Dutch classes with Emily. Emily is kind and patient and will adapt her teaching to the level of her students. Each class is playful which makes learning more fun! Emily will take the time to explain what we do not understand so we leave the class with all the knowledge needed to move forward. 
I highly recommend her classes if you are looking to either start speaking Dutch or improve your current level!"

Maxence Guirand (France)

Intermediate A1-A2 course

Faraha Hamidi-min.jpeg

“I had a really fun time learning Dutch with Emily. The lessons are done in a relaxed atmosphere as she is very calm and patient with her students,  therefore I managed to learn many Dutch words and its grammar very quickly. The basic grammar and words that were taught are useful in daily conversations. She is also always prepared with teaching materials in every session so each lesson offers specific goals to achieve. The lessons are very focused so we are able to catch up with most of the materials she prepared and if time allowed, we also had light chats in between lessons to share our experiences, especially mine, in the Netherlands. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who has zero knowledge of Dutch.”

Faraha Hamidi (Malysia)

One-on-One lessons

Nádia Dias.jpeg

"I couldn’t have chosen a better tutor! She really listens to you and make it personal! It is a difficult language, but she is making the whole process so interesting! I do get excited for the classes, specially when there are games. 5/5"

Nádia Dias (Portugal)

One-on-one lessons & Intermediate A1-A2 course

Claudia Castellanelli-min_edited.jpg

"When I decided to start learning Dutch, I was frightened that it would be a very hard challenge. But when joining Emily’s group classes I realized it can actually be really fun! Even though it’s a complex language, she manages to create a very nice study environment through fun activities and by maintaining a good pace that fits everyone’s needs.
I recommend taking part to this course if you want to improve your Dutch in a “gezellig” environment!"

Claudia Castellanelli (Italy)

Beginners A0-A1 course

Virginie Leheup-min.jpg

"Ik ben 2 maanden geleden begonnen met Nederlandse lessen bij Emily en ik kan al zien dat ik veel vooruitgang heb geboekt! Emily is een geweldige docent en haar lessen zijn altijd heel leuk. Voor een half uur praten we over verschillenden onderwerpen en het tweede half uur oefenen we de grammatica puntjes die ik nog steeds moet verbeteren. Emily luistert heel goed en ze doet altijd haar best om de lessen af te stemmen op de wensen van haar studenten. 

Ik had nooit kunnen dromen van een betere Nederlandse bijlesdocent!"

Virginie Leheup (France)

One-on-one lessons

Eva en Marius-min.jpg

"Emily is an excellent tutor! We are taking her classes and are thoroughly enjoying our time together.
She is great at developing an individualized lesson plan that is fun, effective, and accommodating.
She is very patient with us, always encouraging us to try.
We would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning the Dutch language."

Eva Hamar and Marius (Roemenia)

Couple Classes

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"Moving to a new country and to learn a completely different language is not easy. Specially when there is no much time between the family, the job and regular activities.  The flexible schedules of the classes with Emily allowed me to continue learning and practicing Dutch. The classes are very organized and she explains every question in detail until things are clear. I am very happy with the results, it helped me to share more things with my family, specially with my son.
Thanks Emily!!"

Alejandra Tapia (Equador)

Beginners A0-A1 course & Intermediate A1-A2 course

Dimitrie Ursache-min.jpg

"I am very satisfied with the Dutch courses I took with Emily. The Beginners course provided all the basics to continue the learning path of the Dutch language while seeing and experiencing the progress. The Dutch lessons are very enjoyable and rich in content. I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone who is serious about learning Dutch!"

Dimitrie Ursache (Roemenia)

Beginners A0-A1 course & Intermediate A1-A2 course

Biljana Sarac-min.jpg

"If you want to learn Dutch, but having hard time to decide which courses to take; choose Emily 🧡!
Although it's hard and sometimes complicated, her guidance and patience is what makes me her student for two courses already.
Don't think twice, choose Em, she is really nice🤩😎😉!"

Biljana Sarac (Croatia)

Beginners A0-A1 course & Intermediate A1-A2 course

Ivanna Hidayat.png

''Emily is a friendly teacher and at the same time always tries to explain things in a simpler way. As learning Dutch sometimes is not always logical. After following my 15 lessons with her, I can start to understand passively when someone speaks in Dutch to me. She always motivates me & recognizes me when I am doing good but is also not hesitant to repeat explaining to me when I still don't get it. I can only recommend her! Cheers, Ivanna''

Ivanna Hidayat (Indonesia)

One-on-one lessons

Silvia Suryat-min.jpg

"I know Emily from my friend, she suggested her as private teacher. Emily is really great teacher, she is very nice and really patient ♥️. She always teach me with a simple explanation and keep remind me if I am doing wrong with grammar. I would recommend Emily as a teacher for sure if you want to learn Dutch!"

Silvia Suryat (Indonesia)

One-on-one lessons

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"I've taken individual online classes with Emily for the last few months and I am very satisfied. Because I have quite busy life, I appreciate  that she works various hours and you can always choose suitable for you time. Emily is well- organised, calm and patient teacher. She listens well what are your needs and she helps you to reach your goals. She is also very reliable- the lessons were never cancelled or late. I definiety recommend Emily as a teacher of Dutch."

Karina Makosa (Poland)

One-on-one lessons

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